Two Essential Business Growth Elements: Company Culture and SaaS Solutions

After working through your initial ideas for the first few months with your co-founders, your will need to further materialize your business. This would involve going through a company incorporation with the Hong Kong Companies registry and the paperwork, hiring staffs (either locally in HK or remotely outside of HK) with the required skills for your business growth, finding a local Hong Kong office space, and more. Let’s look at two essential aspects for a company to grow.

  • Deal with people and build the company culture in your new Hong Kong office space.
  • Grow the business using SaaS technologies and have it adapted by your local team members in Hong Kong.

Deal with people and build the company culture

Building your company culture is the first steps when dealing with the matters of people, after you have legally registered your company, rented an office space, and hired the right staffs.

  • Define your company mission and values at the early stage. Deliver the messages to your employees about all that.
  • Create a great company culture that at least your early employees love. Based on that culture, grow together from there.
  • Build a working environment in your Hong Kong head office that your staffs love to spend their time.
  • Hire people locally to work with you in Hong Kong, though you don’t limit the hiring to only for local staffs.
  • Hire people who can share your company values.
  • Communicate directly and openly with your staffs and the co-founders.
  • Display transparency to your employees and throughout your company.
  • Host non work team building events once in a while.
  • Deliver additional benefits to your employees when possible.
  • Focus on the key project and build the success for your business with it before moving to the next projects.

Grow the business using SaaS technologies

When using any SaaS solution, you would aim for solving some process problems of your business or improving the efficiency of your business workflow. Depending on the nature of the solution and the exact issues that your business is trying to solve, you would want a SaaS solution that meet some key criteria.

  • It does not require paying a big upfront software and hardware cost.
  • Upgrades should be performed and handled by the SaaS solution service provider. i.e. The upgrades should be automatic and regular.
  • Your data should be made significantly more secure than when it was stored in your company’s own server or database.
  • The licensing of the particular SaaS solution should be flexible. You may not need everything as a full package to run your business. From time to time, you may even have to request changes, add-ons, and removal of some complementary features to suit business needs.
  • The use of the SaaS doesn’t limit your team to work only from the Hong Kong office. But for future expansion, it can also be readily available to staffs sitting elsewhere in the world.

Depending on your exact industry, these days there are more and more SaaS solutions that are positioning themselves as a complete all-in-one solution to everything your business will ever need. In fact, some solution vendors do provide a better solution than others, though it is still not quite the all-in-one solution in practice.

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