What are the classifications of Glass door commercial refrigerator in the market?

Full body glass door Commercial display refrigerator holds cans, foods, liquor bottles, and medicines in convenience stores, general stores, gas stations and supermarkets. The primary qualities for a commercial glass door refrigerators, freezer come refrigerators and chillers are compact, quiet and highly energy efficient. The trend towards greener solutions is growing, and as a result, many beverage manufacturers have taken advantage of this to promote their brands by reducing their carbon footprint by utilizing low potential global warming refrigerants in their glass door displays, among others. https://www.phirella.com/can offer a complete line of certified components for most refrigerants and technical support to help you optimize your refrigerant circuit design. Features and Benefits are,


·         Expansion valves for high energy efficiency


·         Electrical and Mechanical thermostats to control the desired temperature


·         Electronic controllers for equipment and power management control


·         Heat exchangers to reduce refrigerant charge, improve efficiency and more compact


Commercial Refrigerators

If you are looking forward to buy the commercial kitchen glass door display refrigerator – you have considered the most beautiful appliance for your kitchen. Chances are that if you are dealing with fresh food constantly, you will need a commercial refrigerator to reduce waste and comply with food hygiene legislation.

Here at Phirella, they have stock a wide selection of freezer cabinets, prep windows, meat refrigerators and more – all in perfect sizes and configurations for everyday professional use. Whether you’re looking for a small fridge, below the back bar of the bar or a huge double-door mass catering commercial cabinet, Phirella has what you need. To give you a clear idea regarding commercial freezers and refrigerators, we have prepared this guide. Keep reading.

Refrigerated cabinets

Available in single or double door configurations, the wide selection of commercial refrigerator cabinets includes models perfect for both large and small businesses. These essential refrigerated cabinets provide reliable cold storage all year round.

Refrigerated Countertops

Expand your workspace with a high quality commercial refrigerated countertop. Offering quick access to a cold drawer or storage door, these reliable countertops help you make the most of your kitchen space.

Preparation benches

Save space and speed up the preparation of your food with a high quality preparation counter. Ideal for pizza shops, sandwich shops and takeaways, these countertops offer an efficient and hygienic option for quick access to ingredients.

Low Refrigerators

Low fridges are ideal for making the most of every meter of your kitchen. Designed to offer generous internal capacity while being robust enough to handle heavy appliances, these refrigerators are a must.

Refrigerated display cases for ingredients

The versatile refrigerated ingredient display cases are the ideal refrigerated solution for pizza and sandwich preparation. Whether used in the front or in the kitchen, these flexible units ensure that food is perfectly refrigerated.

Countertop Refrigerators

Countertop refrigerators are the ideal commercial refrigerators when all the space is needed. Combining a compact design with energy-saving efficiency, these versatile units are perfectly suited for kitchens or smaller places that need extra vital capacity.

There is nothing remarkable in the glass door refrigerators when it comes to refrigerator showcases that you see in stores every day. But for home refrigerators another solution is used – a glass panel on top of the metal door of the device. This gives the technique a special, sophisticated look. These models are rare, and will have to try to find such a refrigerator at an affordable price.

Why commercial glass door refrigerator?

A transparent refrigerator will surely suit the taste of an active person who cooks infrequently. Stylish and compact containers, small bottles, beautifully arranged fruits – a kind of still life that will look good behind transparent glass. For people who cannot clean the shelves on a daily basis and wipe the surface with special means, the use of such a device may seem inconvenient.

The main positive feature is the reduction of heat loss, which occurs due to the regular opening of the refrigerator door. The presence of a glass sash greatly simplifies the operation of such installations. The standard temperature is maintained constantly, when it rises, the compressor is turned on and cold air is blown. The ability to see inside stored products through glass reduces possible heat loss.

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